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Salads and hors d’euvres:
Shoska salata.- Bulgarian national salad of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley) and finely grated white-brined sheep-milk cheese
Kyopolu.- Roasted and ground aubergine with garlic and walnuts
Chushki-byurek.- Peppers stuffed with white-brined cheese and fry -panned in egg
Shoppi cheese.- White-brined cheese with tomatoes and peppers baked in earthenware

Tarator.- Refreshing cold summer-time soup of yoghurt and cucumbers
Monastic bean soup.- Soup of white beans
Green soup.- Soup of sour dock, parsley, parsnip and dock
Kourban.-Soup of mutton and vegetables

Kavarma.- Water-mill styled- bits of meat cooked with onion
Gyuvetch Sredna Gora mountain.-Hotchpotch of various vegetables baked with meat
Broiled veal.- Veal roll
Sarmi.- Rolls of dock or cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat
Rhodope cheverme.-Lamb baked on a brochette
Stuffed peppers with minced meat.
Kyufteta and kebapcheta.- Minced meat balls or fingers-shaped.

Sheep yooghurt
Dairy banitsa.- Bakery product with white-brined sheep-milk cheese.
Katma.- Hot-cakes with honey and walnuts

Bulgarian wines:
Bulgarian wine tradition dates back to the era of Thracians. There are several types of vines and vine plantations. The great number of sunny days in the southern parts of the country favours the red wine vine species, while in the North -white wine ones.
Red wines:
Cabernet Sauvignon from Svistov, Sliven, Yambol and Oryahovitsa
Mavrud from Assenovgrad and Perushtitsa
Merlot from Satmbolovo and Sakar
Gamsa from Pleven, Suhindol and Novo Sello
Melnik from the city of Melnik
White wines:
Traminer Khan Krum from Preslav and Shoumen
Aligote from Lyaskovets
Misket from Straldja
Sauvignon Blanc from Targovishte
Chardonnay from Rousse and Slavyantsi
Rose from Burgas
Muskat from Pomorie and Varna



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