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Bulgaria has 36 culture reserves, 160 monasteries, some 40 000 monuments of history, 7 of which on the UNESCO world heritage list.
There are several monuments from various historic eras: prehistoric finds, Thracian tombs, artefacts from the Hellenic age, Roman and Byzantine castles, historic monuments from the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms, from the National Revival period, as well as entire towns and villages which have preserved their authentic looks.
The oldest gold in Europe was found in a necropolis in Varna. Famed all over the world are: the Valchitran gold treasure (the Bronze age), the Panagyurishte, the Vratsa, the Lukovit and the Letnitsa gold treasures (dating around 4 c. BC) and the Rogozen royal silver treasure.
Bulgaria is scattered with several monasteries and churches. Some of the most visited are: the Rila, the Bachkovo, the Rozhenski, the Troyan, the Zemenski, the Preobrazhenski (Transfiguration) and the Aladja monasteries. Also arousing big interest are the hundreds of churches which have preserved unique samples of the Bulgarian iconography, zograph (icon-painting), wood-carving schools and old manuscripts.



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